Back at it!

          It has been a while since I have had the notion of writing again. Why I don’t know. Maybe it’s because my work is a big part of my travels and for months I was stuck in the same spot. I didn’t have much to write about. When I finally moved on I was out of the habit. I have been out exploring though so it is time to sit for a bit and let my mind recap the adventures that I have encountered since we last spoke. 
          As many of you know I work eight days then I get seven days off. I travel to my work destination and from on my own time. This can be be anywhere from Chicago Illinois to the west coast, Canada to Mexico. While I travel and work I’ve chosen to live in a vehicle. I’ve lived in a Pontiac Grand Am, Honda Accord, Jeep Cherokee sport, Dodge Ram Van, and now finally a small class B RV that sits on a Sprinter frame. I have a home in the northern Utah mountains. My job sent me on an epic road trip of course that’s not the intention but I can’t help but take advantage. While my coworkers fly and or travel in tiny cars with many men and all there luggage. I am driving across this nation finding adventures. 
          I was told that Lordsburg New Mexico was the next place we were working. Lordsburg was a booming town in the 50s. Every time I go there I think of the movie cars. It’s so sad to see how depressed these little towns have become. While I work there isn’t much time to explore. I work 10-12 hour days. But the 823 mile drive to and from Lordsburg takes me through some of this nations most epic land. I round tripped it once this time then drove back once again. 
          My first trip down I knew from past drives that I wanted more then a day to make the trek. I left a day early. The roads where horrible. I was on snow packed roads the entire first day. I finally decided I had enough and stopped in Blanding Utah. The rest area clearly stated that overnight parking was prohibited. I found a sweet little flat spot in the Utah State University south east campus parking lot. Hoping that I had finally drove out of the storm and would be able to start the drive fresh in the morning. When I woke I found that was not the case. It had snowed all night. My van was covered and the roads were deep with fresh unpacked snow on top of packed ice. 
Being from Utah I wasn’t worried just knew that it was going to be a long drive. Even though I was nearly half way there. Luckily after about 100 miles I found my self driving south of the storm. So when I saw the brown sign I had to take advantage. A right turn was made and I was at the Hubble Trading Post.
 It is the longest standing trading post in the nation. It’s sits on the rim of the Navajo Reservation. So much history was created here. Not much to be proud of either. The mistakes we have made are important to remember. At first glance this area seems very desolate but once you get into it and start to see that there is an abundance of beauty throughout this desert.

 I jumped back in and continued my drive through Arizona and into the White Mountains of New Mexico. These mountains are beautiful forest covered and full of life. One animal I’m not used to seeing are wild pigs. Cracks me up every time I see them rushing across the road. I have found an overlook that I love to stop and cook my dinner at. So after a great BBQ I finally finished my long drive and fell asleep at my final destination for the week. 
          The ride home wasn’t all that eventful. It usually isn’t. I get to missing my family and usually hurry back home. It was a two day ride with a quite little sleepover in a car wash parking lot tucked back in the corner out of the way in a little one horse Arizona town. 
          My second trip to Lordsburg I took my time again. I left a little earlier and the roads were much better. I was able to arrive at Arches National Park around 4:30. I looked over the available hikes and decided delicate arch was first on the list. I didn’t have much day light so I got right to it. The hike to delicate arch is classified as mildly strenuous. It’s 3.5 miles and up a decent grade for the majority of it. The footing is pretty good unless it is wet. Then it becomes very slick. My luck it was lightly snowing just enough to make the rock wet. Luckily I have a pretty good pair of work boots I slipped on and didn’t have any issues. Once I got to the arch the sun was down and it was starting to get dark. It took me some time to actually realize the arch was smack in front of me. Hint it’s not very small. Very cool though especially because I was the only one stupid enough to try this hike this late in the snow. The way back was a little more nerve racking since it became very dark. Cloud cover blocked the star and moon light. It was hard to see much of anything. Every time I stumbled upon a trail marker i was genuinely surprised I was still on track. The trail is marked but would be easy to lose your way in the conditions that I was dealing with. Glad to be back in my van loaded with digital proof of my escapade. 
I decided the rest of the park would be better seen in the morning so I drove to Panorama point broke out the BBQ and settled in for a great dinner followed by sweet dreams. 

          The next morning my hopes were granted. I woke at first light and with the cloud cover the sunrise was pretty cool. With a name like Panorama point in a National Park of any kind I knew it wouldn’t disappoint and I was correct. 
I had to get back on the road knowing that I had a long drive left but so many of the hikes were classified as easy and so close together that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I was glad I didn’t. The windows were impressive! 

There is not a picture that has ever done them justice. The double arch which I’ve seen in so many pictures was one of my big hopes to see. In the pictures I never realized that these Arches are the second largest in the park. I always thought they were small. Boy was I wrong they are huge.

 After hiking a bit A quick stop at the visitor center to get my magnet for the fridge collection. I was off and on my way to Lordsburg again. 

          After five days of work and some desert walks.
My work decided to move us to Panorama City California. The name is deceiving. I didn’t find much of any kind worthy of Panorama. We loaded our equipment and headed out. The first night we stayed in Yuma AZ. Not much to say but it’s a lot of desert out there. 
The next morning there was some confusion with the semi trucks that were contracted to move our equipment into California. California is the only state we are restricted from traveling in. So I had a few hours to spare. While the other guys took naps and sat around waiting I noticed another one of those brown signs. This one was for the Arizona Territory prison.

 Crazy to read about all the history that went on in that little town. I recommend it for sure if your in the area make time. The trucks arrived and we continued on. Our next place of business wasn’t far from the coast. So a sunset on the beach, and of course some more of my famous BBQ, was to much to pass up. I barley found a spot as the sun was setting. 

After some great food and beautiful beach sights I was off and running again. I found the job sit but I’m not allowed to sleep at the site. The motel the guys had found didn’t have enough parking for the people staying much less an extra van. The law in that area prohibits people sleeping in there vehicles. So I was at a loss. Until I met an incredibly kind man named Mike that offered me not only a space but water, power and dump facilities while I worked in that area. I find it amazing how so many people can be so kind. Our world really is becoming better and better I believe. 
          It was my last day of work and it was along one. Our equipment had been damaged on the way over and we had work to get done. Finally at about 6:00pm we were cut loose. It was to late to drive home that night so one last stop in the California desert this time off I-15 just before Baker there is some BLM land. Rasor OHV area. It was quite and great for sleeping. When I woke I was eager to get back to my vacation home and find some down time with my wonderful family. I hightailed it back to the mountains of Utah. Found my brick and mortar and fell into the loving arms of my family. 
Keep reading because I won’t ever stop exploring. 



5 thoughts on “Back at it!

  1. We are sooooo glad to see you writing again. All that road time and we just know ya got some stories in you. I know it takes time but look at how you are letting people see the world through your eyes and words. What an incredible journey you are on. The photos and narration are excellent. I’m curious about the Arizona Territory prison? I did 29 years in prison. Now don’t get nervous…. I worked in one as one of the administrators, lol, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 29 years. Haha I love it. Thank you for the encouragement. It was a cool state park. I even got a free tour of the prison. The one thing I kept thinking as I walked around was I’m glad it’s February and only 85 degrees I don’t know how people lived in that prison in July. Also the high school had to use it for a while after a fire. They changed the mascot to the criminals and it proudly stands today. Disturbing I thought. If you get a chance it was great. $6 free tour can’t be beat.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You manage to make a good time of it, even if you have to work at it. I love that you seek historic and beautiful spots to explore and spend the night. Amazing how you always find the best in people like your friend Mike. Keep on Enjoying the everyday!

    Liked by 1 person

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