Tips for life on the go. 

As I look back on this Vanlife experience. I think about a few tips and tricks I’ve used to make my experience a bit easier. In this article I will cover some mobile features. Links and apps that are great. Please keep in mind I am an IPhone owner. Most of this should work for any mobile devise. Some links may not work seamlessly. If not, search for the name and it should pop up. I do live in the United States so keep that in mind as well. 
One is an app I’ve found called Allstays Camp & RV. This app allows the user to filter the wanted search content and displays it on a map. Such as camp sites, rest stops, RV parks, RV stores/service, dump sites, ect.. The icons are displayed in a way that’s easy to see what your looking for. Once an Icon is clicked this app brings up info on that particular icon. I’ve been very impressed with how accurate this info is. Addresses, GPS location, phone numbers, brief descriptions such as a $$$$$ rating for price. $ $1-$11, $$ $12-$20 and so on. Some icons you can set parameters. The Walmart icon will allow you to see on the map view if it’s good for overnight parking. Not all are! I would call as well to make sure.  This app is a must in my opinion. It does cost but it’s cheap and it will save on fuel alone. With this app you should be able to find many better places then Walmart. Along with a map view you can search by state or use a search bar to enter a city. 
Next is a website I use a lot. It’s called Awesome! It is not as accurate as Allstays. Some of the GPS locations and/or directions are a bit off. Some places are no longer a great place. This is user edited and has many comments by users. It will show free camping/Boondocking as well as pay sites. The green icons are free. Red are pay sites. Remember this is people posting what they know so use at your discretion and stay safe. 
Third is a website Called Boondockers Welcome. This is a site with a yearly subscription. It allows people stay on private property safely without persecution from the law. After you sign in you can search an area and find places. Email the owners of a particular place and start a dialogue about your needs and what they allow. At a fingertip you can see a lot of info before emailing. Such as if water is available or power. If the parking is level or large enough for your rig. Again comments and ratings are involved so you can make an educated decision. Remember please use with caution. Cost is $20/year for staying and hosting. $25/year to just find sites. 
Ok let’s move onto entertainment. I use Verizon for mobile and wifi. It is expensive but it is getting better. It’s not as much as satellite or as unsecured as open wifi networks. It allows free T.V. Streaming through there app called Go90. It’s great! As long as you have LTE, which really is almost everywhere, the streams are incredible. I watch NBA and NFL networks FREE with no Data charges. Check it out see if it will work for you. 
Another Game Changer is Netflix. They have announced that they will support downloadable content now. So I can grab an open WIFI connection such as a library, fast food or department store that provide this service free. Download a bunch of content to watch Data free later. AWESOME! Netflix does require a subscription but it is worth every dime for me. 
Now let’s talk GPS. Yes I use Apple maps. I also own a Garmin. MapQuest is an incredible app I also use often. It seams to give better spoken directions then Apple maps. It also allows the user to set up multiple points of interest. It makes creating a travel plan a breeze. It’s more user friendly then my Garmin as well so creating is done on the MapQuest app then entered into my Garmin for travel so I don’t Stream Data along the way. 
Last but not least. Passport is an app that displays the federal parks, monuments, historical sites, ect. by state. You can see what places our great government has set aside for us to enjoy. I also splurge on an All Access Pass that allows me entry into these great places with the flash of a card. It cost $80/year and worth every bit seeing how a National Park can cost $30+ to just get in. 
I hope this is useful. Please feel free to add anything you’ve found useful in the comment section. Enjoy life folks and travel safe. 


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