The Reflection 

It’s been over a year now since I bought my class B Van. Best decision I’ve ever made. Well, next to my family. Sure beats sleeping in the Pontiac Grand Am. Truth be told though? The Ram Van I built in between was something else. It was mine. My wife and I put our hearts and souls into it. I guess it showed because we put 50,000 miles on it and still sold it for $1,000 more then we had into it. It was hard not having a bathroom though. Especially after some very good jalapeños. So a Class B was bought. It is exactly what you would expect. Completely comfortable. Completely affordable, when your not paying rent. Gives the allure of greatness. Best off all I can be free. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t all rainbows and glitter farts. Especially when you have to empty the tanks. I’ll tell ya that glitter builds up and turns to something entirely different. I think the best by far has been the memories. Having a fridge I decided to get crazy. I started buying Magnets. That’s right little tokens of my travels. So I can reflect on the last year. Mexico, Canada, Yellowstone NP, Glacier NP, Yosemite NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Banff NP, Jasper NP, Lassen NP, Grand Teton NP, Crater Lake NP. Catalina Island. Ok the island and Mexico I technically took a boat. A Big boat but the Van brought us to the port and after… Up the Pacific Coast from L.A. through Big Sur to San Francisco. To name a few. It’s been an incredible ride and not just because the seats are soft and squishy like me. My stress has dropped dramatically. I know longer wonder so much about what motel is going to gouge my eyeballs out with $$$ at check out. Or if I was going to bring some crazy bug or sickness home to my family. Now it’s just my own bugs and they already now all about my sickness. The life I’ve lived on and off since I was eighteen finally makes sense. Even my mom sees that it works. In fact she went and a bought a van too. I guess the Gypse soul might travel far in miles but never gets very far from the heart. Keep reading friends. I hope to bring much inspiration and entertainment. For now Good Night. 


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