Little things make the struggle worthwhile. 

My job requires me to work 8 days on then 7 days off. There of course are Holidays and vacation that change the amount of time out at work. Most of the people in this field of work choose to stay in hotels. Generally 2-3 guys per room. If they do three they will bring a cot or air mattress. The cost is then split and becomes affordable to manage. The snoring not so much. I decided that there has to be a better way. If you have read my earlier posts you know I’m now living in a class B motorhome. It’s a sprinter van. The cost really isn’t any better sometimes it’s even more costly to maintain and drive about then three guys in a Camary getting rooms. So why do I go through the trouble of finding spaces to park and dump my tanks and worry about propane and battery levels and how I’m going to watch the game while they all lie on their beds and zone into the grand television? That is why I’ve started this blog. A way to journal the perks I have because of my living arrangements. So tonight as I am cooking dinner once again I am reminded at how great my life is. In my van I have a two burner stove and a sink. I also have a microwave and a mini fridge. Tonight’s dinner was seared Ahi Tuna on a bed of rice served with sautéed mushrooms onions and green beans. Pretty hard to get that on our budget living in a hotel room. This week I also ate salmon twice, three lobster tails, artichokes, asparagus, zucchini and squash. Many meals I’ve had the pleasure of making for myself. Spending a fraction of what most my coworkers end up spending on fast food trying to fill their guts. I cook on cast iron pans or my BBQ that I bring along as well. So my dishes stay minimal. My water consumption is a bit high because I eat a lot of vegetables which do require a little washing. The desire to live out of the box is real for me. Next time you see some poor schmuck living in his van trying to be left alone in a parking lot don’t call the cops. He is probably just a good ole boy trying to get by like the rest off you. We’re not all creepers. 

Perk 6: Food is incredible when you have the means and tools readily available in your van just like a regular home. 


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