Off again

Hello again. I’ve had some time off of work. Mandatory vacation. I had to use up my vacation time or it would be scheduled for me. I chose fall break because my kids had more time out of school and for the first time in years I was home for Halloween. It was amazing! This has been one of the best falls I’ve enjoyed in years. The colors have been incredible. The weather has been warm for the most part. There have been a few storms. Just enough to remind me that winter is coming. I love the winter so it’s putting a smile on my face. My vacation home sits just into the Utah mountains in a low valley. We get enough snow to play but nothing like the skier infested peaks that surround us. Of course I call it my vacation home because it is where I spend my days away from work. I live in my van while at work. This makes me a “Vandweller” for just over half the year. I consider it full time since I spend more time in the van then my conventional home. As the days fly by and my time at home with my family dwindles to a crisp end. I find myself antsy. I have no desire in going back to work. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but it is a job none the less. I love my home as well but I am a gypse soul. I desire travel, adventure, exploration. I need to see the world around me and being cooped up for days gets me feeling restless. I’m excited to get back in my van and spread my wings. I can’t wait until I retire and get to chose where I take myself. I hope my wife joins me for more adventures at that point. Now she stays at home and takes care of my life while I’m away. I couldn’t do this without her and I appreciate how understanding she is. So tomorrow I will climb back into my tiny home and drive away again. Sacramento California is the destination this time. I hope to see some family that live in the surrounding area but with the long hours I work probably not. I’m so close to so many amazing places while in Sacramento but will not have the time to visit. It’s such a tease. That is why I can’t wait to retire. If I get the chance to find some fun. I will make sure I update my blog and let you all know. Enjoy life friends and keep living or you will start dying. 


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