Van life perk 4

Living in a van creates opportunities. Sometimes it’s just the mindset that is created by living a nomadic existence. Today I found my self in the small town of Dixon California. It was alive and thriving until I-80 was born. Sound familiar? Since the town of Vacaville has grown and has now incorporated Dixon. At first glance a person might see a depressed life. A dying community. But a gypse like myself sees a deeper picture. My mind fills with questions. Why are these people still here? What is the driving force here? If you look close you see new homes. A small Mexican restaurant. Has it always been here or did they come to this land looking for a Better life? Why did they choose this small farming community on the outskirts of such a thriving city of Sacramento California. It was time to dig deeper. So I walked into the little restaurant named Chepo’s Tamales. I don’t like tamales. It’s the cornmeal I think. I’m not a fan of corn bread either. I’m guessing that tamales aren’t the only thing on their menu. I was right even though the menu is very small. Tamale, burrito, quesadilla or an enchilada. The lady explains that it’s just her. She has no chef. So her menus is simple and she makes it all fresh and by hand each day. Jackpot! I ordered a chicken burrito. It was fantastic. I also learned the history of Dixon and Vacaville that was explained earlier. I found out that she is from Mexico. Her and her husband are the hard working people that keep the place alive 7 days a week. They were blessed with a mural donated to them by a professor at the local University, UC Davis. She was a sweat lady and made my ordinary day extraordinary. 
Perk 4 culture is everywhere and a van will help you immerse yourself amongst it. 


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