Van life perk 3

If you have read my other stories you know that I live in my van about 20 days a month. Some more, some less. Lately I have been leaving my van all alone in Northern California while a couple of co-workers give me a ride to and from my “vacation home” where my family lives. It saves quite a bit of money on gas and maintenance for sure but takes a major part of “Vandwelling” out of the equation. Sure my room is mine and comfortable while I’m on the road. It’s mobile so I can still choose to have or not have neighbors. But the adventure of the drive and what can be seen on the way has been eliminated recently. I usually try to find a new route. A new place to stop and watch the sun rise while I wake up. A new view of something or somewhere I have never seen before. In a van any old parking spot can do but I’m always looking for that EPIC spot I’ve never seen before. National Parks are always a good bet. Sometimes it’s the same spot and one of Gods creatures walk by or stop to play. That can be even better. I’m excited to be home in my van again. Although I do miss the adventure part of my van life, I will be missing my family more. I think one more round trip without my “View Finder” (the name I gave my van) next week will be tough but worth the chance to make my family’s life amazing. Fall has sprung and I am missing the colors. Luckily my wife is beautiful enough to make up for everything I miss. As soon as I get my eyes on her again.
Perk 3. In a van adventure can happen at the drop of a hat when life becomes to mundane.


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