Van life perk 2

I’m now 20. Quite a bit less naïve and a lot more experienced in life. I’ve finally worked my way off my friends couch and rented the apartment next door. I work about 4 miles away at a steak house as a bus boy. I work until three or so in the morning then walk home. We don’t have air conditioning in our building and the days are hot. So I’ve pulled the hide-a-bed out and am dead a sleep. Windows to the front porch wide open. So is the front door. Mid day and hot. I hear someone in the apartment. I open my eyes and a strange man is standing in my front room staring at me. He says “oh sorry” and ducks down, dives through my window on to the front porch and ran away. Remember the front door is still wide open. Now I’m laying there in shock wondering what just happened. I get up and grab a drink. I walk the apartment to see if maybe my roommate had come home. And it’s empty. Nothing really seams disturbed. So I go sit on the front porch to kick back a bit before I get ready for work. I notice that my camcorder is not where I left it. It’s probably the only thing worth any value I own. The real thing that I was worried about was that I had been filming and documenting my life and now it was all gone. So I jumped up and ran down the stairs out down the ally to the front. I thought maybe this front building saw where he went. As I approached the front door it was open with the screen door shut. I looked in about to knock and no way! He was siting in the room! I didn’t knock I opened the screen door and stormed in. I was yelling and demanding my camcorder. I hear some clicking and look around. I find myself smack dab in the middle of a meeting being held by some Chicago bloods. I realize this as one grabs my shoulder and says you need to come out side with me right now. Guns are now out and being racked. I was furious but I wasn’t stupid. I stepped out. The man assured me that won’t be an issue again and let me know where my camera had gone. So with a little more cation this time I approached the apartment building down the street and found the unit. I knocked and a woman looking like a stripper opened the door. There were two more on the couch and a very fat man sitting without his shirt in between them. I see in his lap is a shotgun on the table is a pile of cocain and my camcorder. I tell him that is mine and step inside. The big man racks the shot gun and says ” not anymore. ” I got the point. And walked away alive but defeated. I also was smart enough to know that calling the cops was not a good idea. So I lost my camera with my life story along with it. Perk 2 when I don’t like my neighbors it’s easy to find new ones.  


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