Van life perk 1

I want to start by thanking you all for reading. I have enjoyed this more then I expected. My last trip with the family, “Mason’s big adventure!”, is a rarity for me. It might be one of the first story’s you’ve read about but that’s simply by chance. Most of my travels are by myself. I named this blog “roadtovanlife” because along with living the Vanlife, how it came about is another story. I will jump back and forth telling my past story’s and current as well. I hope you don’t get to confused. Check out my first three blogs. “How a successful man comes to live in a van”, there are two parts And “Fast Forward”. They will set up this story a bit more. If your short on time read on and return again. 
Let’s go back to when I was a fresh young man. I graduated high school in 1996. I was a good kid, great parents (2 Dads, 2 Moms), lucky life. I had the world in the palm of my hands. I had not done drugs not even a drink of alcohol. Hell I wouldn’t take aspirin or drink carbonation. My parents were not religious. My father (Brad) often telling me he belonged to the church of the Salmon River. They had plenty of grand parties. My Mom (Diana) would drink a bottle of wine with anyone who wanted too. My dad (Brad) was a recovered alcoholic. How he did it is beyond me. I worked construction/maintenance for the County Parks and Rec during the day and a camera man for the local news (Fox 13) by night. I had plenty of money still living at home and nothing to spend it on. Girls where all around and even though I’m not a shy person they still made me nervous. I was even a virgin still. So when I got the call from a friend asking me to meet her and her girl friend in a hotel. I freaked out! Every young boy dreams of the day but these girls where scary. They liked to bite and tie and I ran! All the way to my dad (Jim’s) house. He lived in a small town. A bit more religious but not strict by any means. I quit my jobs and started framing houses for my uncle. I was working twice as much and making no money. I took a road trip to Rexburg ID. To see a friend that I had liked for quite some time. After working all day, driving all night, young and dumb. I showed up in her dorm. I was surrounded by girls. Thees ones where a bit nicer. And liked to kiss. All of them. And they had no problems sharing. Needless to say I didn’t sleep much that next night either. I remember laying awake most the night holding my friend just thanking God. I left the next day late. I couldn’t peel my self away. I drove all night and arrived home just in time to get ready for work. We roofed a small detached garage that day in the hot sun. I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept in four days and three nights and just worked in the sun for 12 hrs. On the drive home staring into the sun I finally slept. Yes I was alone in the car. I drifted into oncoming traffic at 70 MPH over a bridge. Side swiped a small truck head on and some how we all lived. No one even seriously injured. My convertible was totaled but I was happy to still be alive and without killing someone. The police couldn’t figure out how I drove the car with complete control (after I woke up) to the side of the road. The driver side front wheel was gone! The GROOVE in the pavement from the Axle proved I had control. Somehow even off pavement onto the shoulder. The mirror busted through the side window and landed in the back seat. Somehow missing my face. Glass every where but where I was sitting. Another part the cops couldn’t figure out. The paramedics took my blood pressure and asked if I was high because my blood pressure was normal. I guess my heart should have been racing. I asked why should it be fast? No ones hurt. Why would I be upset? I’m happy, tired and I need sleep. 
Perk 1: When your to tired to drive it’s nice to just stop and sleep. No need for a hotel or an RV park. 


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