Meet Mason

All right readers. I know after the last round of articles that you are dying to find out about this crazy adventure cat named Mason. If you began at the beginning you might remember that he is the youngest in this blended family. He is 8. soon he will be 9 and this whole trip you have been reading about was his fault. He googled his name. Who hasn’t? He didn’t stop there though. Like any sane 8 year old boy he added dinosaur to the end. “Tyrrell Dinosaur”. Why not? I bet you’ve thought of doing the same thing. Well it ended up being one of the best trips he will ever experience. And we all got to go along. So I would like to introduce you to the great Mason Tyrrell. Like I said he is 8, likes the colors red and black, likes bacon and elephants. But he only likes eating one of them. Yep, elephants. After this last trip he is thinking he might like buffalo now. We might have to get him some wings. He has the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen and his heart is huge. He loves people, especially Katie. He likes to ride his 4wheeler and motorcycles. He loves going to the cabin and yes long walks on the beach. He is a water stud. He rides the tube behind our jet skis like a champ. I think he might even start a new sport. Extreme tubing! He also rides the river. Tackling a 3′ waterfall with his dad, older brother Ayden, my son Tristen and I. At age 8 he is an adventure addict. And those big baby blues have seen a lot of life already. 


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