Mason’s big adventure! Day 6

I slept very well in the hotel bed. I shared it with my youngest. My wife shared the other bed with my oldest he is 6’3″ tall. 

  She didn’t sleep quite as well. But we had to get up. Breakfast was being served and we had to get to Yellowstone today. We also had to cross back into the United States. We get ourselves presentable and enter the hall. There Shanna stands. I guess they slept better then us. They had been up since 7:00 doing laundry and eating breakfast. Now they were off to go swimming. I knew my boys wanted in on that action so we quickly ate breakfast had some coffee and slipped our suits on. We enter into the pool area and a big water slid stands tall. I slowly dip into the hot tub while Tristen runs to the slide. Down he goes and the morning has begun. They talk me into trying the slide so I climb to the top and enter the large tube. To my surprise it is fast and exhilarating. I advise anyone to ride a water slide first thing in the morning if you ever have a chance. It works better then coffee. Our entire group ended up riding the slide by mornings end. We don’t spend much more time playing in the pool before we are getting ready. We pack our small bags and back into the rigs we climb. We head through the farm lands back to the US border. Of course we stopped at the duty free shack for our last chance Canadian souvenirs. Then we hit the line for entry into the USA. It is slow and Aaron finally arrives at the guard station. We wait and wait and wait. I start to wonder if they are not going to let his rig back into the states.  

 Or if he received a speeding ticket via picture that we did not know about yet. I will admit that all those miles weren’t always covered at a legal pace. More waiting goes by and suddenly we hear Shanna over the radio “they are detaining Austin”. Austin is the oldest Teen in our group, Shanna’s son at 17 years old.  

 We ask why and she replies “they won’t tell us.” She is being short as we are communicating with radios at the boarder. I’m sure that looked suspicious as well. After about 30 minutes of waiting we finally here they are letting us through. They pull up and park as we pull through. The guard is all laughs as he takes our passports and tells us “they are headed inside to get there passports stamped.” So we park, as we all climb out we ask what the hell??? Austin has the same name as someone else that did something that we are not privileged to know about. I can only imagine the panic inside him. I was a teen at one time too and even though Austin is a good kid I’m sure he was thinking of all kinds of bad things he had done that he thinks his mom doesn’t know about. We have to go inside to stamp our passports. It is not customary for Canada and the States to stamp. We have little children though and thought a stamp would be a cool reminder. My kids have another passport from when they were younger with a stamp from Mexico, a trip to Cabo. Hopefully we can get a few more in this one before they out grow it. We gather the flock and back on US soil we cruse.  

 Lunch time comes quick so not far into Montana we stop at the visitors center for another amazing sandwich made by our Ladies.  

 The tension finally breaks. My wife has been a long time friend of Aaron.  

 His kids are like our own. Shanna decided that she wanted to leave her beloved state of Texas for a chance to get closer to family. After moving in with us she and Aaron started to realize they were good for each other and there children as well. This is a young relationship with a lot to risk but it works so well. My wife holds a sort of a matriarch position in this dynamic family situation. The Teen boys won’t stop fighting. 

  The young ones are restless and tired, 

  poor Katie has even been pee’d on the night before hence this mornings laundry time. 

  Tension is high and my wife BLOWS! Nothing like a little family vacation to bond. After a great while of coming to an understanding the two teen boys realize there just being asshole for no reason. There reasons aren’t justified and they begin to get along. Still today better then ever. The littles had plenty of time to run a bit and the beautiful Bishop sisters came together again.  

 Whew, we got through that dreaded part we all knew was going to happen. To many people all together for far to long without sleep. We finally get back on the road a bit behind schedule so we don’t pull into our campsite until about midnight. We have no idea which one is ours but knowing we were only going to be there for three hours before we pack up to see the wolves, we park and set up. Funny thing, it was our site we decided to stop at and didn’t even know it. Camp went up and a nap came quickly.


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