Mason’s big adventure! Day 4

We woke before the sun today. We rolled the children into the cabs, slapped seat belts on and grabbed Danishes to throw at them as soon as we heard murmurs. Although this trip was less miles then the first day we had a national border to cross, two National parks to drive through and it was still over 400 miles. We stopped for fuel and ice just outside of Glacier on our way to the Canadian border. Not one of us had ever been to Canada. We had no idea what to expect but we did some research and found that diesel fuel was going to be a bit pricey. It only took about an hour of driving and we saw the line to enter Canada. No one thought that they might close the border at night. It was! Luckily it would open at 7am and it was 6:45am. Something to think about on our travels in the future. We decided that we had time to go to the “leaving the USA”image sign to take another selfie. We all pilled out of the vehicles and started walking back to the sign. As we are walking looking tired and a mess like zombies a man yells out to us from the customs building asking if we are walking in from the Canadian border. My hell we must have looked like we had been walking for miles. We explained we were in line to go north and we just wanted a picture. They laughed and let us be. We snapped off a couple shots and all the sudden the line was moving.Laughing and running we all hurried back to our rigs only to be stopped at the border and asked to park and come inside. Since none of us had visited in the past they had to do there due diligence and make sure we weren’t maple smugglers. After a short wait in the waiting room and a short explanation of the many last names they stamped our passports and gave us the green light. I will admit I was a bit nervous about them letting Aaron’s rig into Canada. They must have liked the idea as well. All they way to Calgary was a bit mundane. It’s all farm land and rolling hills. Very nice but not what we were looking for. We stopped at the visitor center just before the entrance to Banff. At lunch and gathered a bunch of info about the sights we were going to encounter. Loaded the kids up and into Banff we went.

Our first stop was another hike. This one was called Johnston Canyon.

It was a boardwalk trail again. This one did have a bit of an elevation gain though and since everything is metric in Canada it was 1.1 kilometers. Every one did great and looking at the falls at the end through the cave was very rewarding. So was the ice cream. Thank you Amber! Aaron and I went off to get the rigs while everyone ate their ice cream. We piled in and and were off again. We came up to cars parked all over. Hopping it wasn’t something horrible we stopped to make sure everyone was ok and found that it was a bear and her cub just off the road about 50 feet away. We all looked on in disbelief. It was amazing. Leaving them to there own business we pushed forward and yet another pile of vehicles stopped. This time a bear again. This one was quite a bit bigger and closer. We could see it plain as day. imageINCREDIBLE! In disbelief we pushed ahead some more knowing we had a lot of ground to cover. Next stop Lake Moraine. It was a steep winding road. And the parking lot was full. This is when we were glad we had the small camping set ups we had. Parking was as easy as going to Walmart at Christmas. The lake was worth every frustration parking. The colors of the water were a Pastel green. The water was clear yet so full of color. Unexplainable.

We stopped at the visitor center gathered some trinkets and left to get a view of Lake Louise. Again Gorgeous!

This time the water was a pastel blue. Not sure why the difference in color but with the backdrop of the tall mountains and the sun falling…, it is a sit I will never forget. Not knowing when the campground might close. We decided we better push hard now. We still haven’t had dinner and we were all getting hungry yet we still had another whole park to drive through. The next day we were coming back through the same way to get to the museum. Remember this is a trip to see the museum and the Parks were just a pretty way to get there. so we decided my wife could warm some chilly on the stove while we high tailed it on to the camp. Tomorrow could be another day of sight seeing. Now I don’t recommend doing this. We heard a lot of profanity while I was rounding corners and my wife was holding onto a hot pot of chilly trying not to let it all go crashing. She did a stand up job as always though and just as the sun was setting we stopped at beautiful view point and fed the crowd. Talk about dinner with a

I don’t care how much you spend you will never find a restaurant with a table looking at that. Now in a big rush we packed it all in and off through Jasper we hurried. I know it’s a shame but remember the point is the Museum all this National Park nonsense is just a bonus. We slid into the campground at 9:45 hopping they stayed open until 10:00. To our surprise they were open until eleven. They warned us of the animals in the campsites. Surprisingly it wasn’t the Wolves, Cats or Bears to worry about as much as the Elk. As we were getting our site numbers they radioed in about a dog being trampled. It was a women the week before. It is real folks. These Parks are wild and people need be careful. We set up camp again impressed with Aaron’s ability to get that top popped in good time. Everyone was exhausted. We didn’t even take advantage of the showers. Sleep came easy and the next morning came quick.


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