Mason’s big adventure! Day 3

We woke to a moody morning. The rain was lingering. Short shots of sprinkles. We could see our breath as we made breakfast. Everything that could be packed the night before was. Today we were bidding farewell to Flathead Lake. We had more adventure to find. We quickly ate, cleaned up, buttoned up tight. This was the first morning that we’ve had to put the tent trailer back into travel mode since the pulleys had been replaced from a Yuba Lake Fiasco earlier in the year. Although I have full faith in Aaron I was a bit Leary still. All for not though because it came down as it should and in great time. We were pulling out earlier then expected. This was a short shot. We decided that a trip through Glacier National Park on the famous “Going To The Sun Road” was perfect. We never did see the sun. The clouds stayed with us that entire day. As we left we remembered a few items that had been forgotten. We remembered a Walmart as we came into Flathead. So with a quick detour we restocked. Bought ice and filled the fuel for good measure. Every one was a lot more mellow today. We had settled in and were coasting on what was already a great time. The views were awesome. As we entered the park they became incredible!

Waterfalls right off the bat. We were attacking them with selfies and almost lost Mason. He was making his adventure wild already. We didn’t want to just drive through the parks. Even though they were just part of a drive to the Museum. We knew that we had a chance to experience something others dream of. So we wanted to take advantage of as much as possible. We found the perfect trail. It was called “Trail of the Cedars“.IMG_0307 It is a .8 mile loop with minimal elevation change. We found a parking spot. I think the rainy day gave us a break on the amount of people in the park. It was very busy still though. We pulled out the awning and BBQ and grilled some hamburgers. I grabbed a handful of garbage bags and started making rain ponchos for all. The food again was delicious. Something about being on vacation makes everything taste better. We cleaned up. Set the BBQ between rigs to cool down closed the awning and on to the trail we went. INCREDIBLE! Most of it was a boardwalk.

Very easy to hike. Waterfalls and rivers. Some spots were designed to hike around a bit. We played in rivers and crawled under a tree that was balancing over the river bank edge. Half of the root system exposed by corrosion creating a root cave.

These trees were massive and old.

The green foliage was thick and the wild flowers were beautiful. After many pics and every smile from ear to ear we climbed back in the rigs and continued through the park. Stopping every chance we could for more pictures. At one point the road climbed extremely high into the clouds. The visibility was poor. The speed was 10-25 mph. The curves were sharp and the grade was very steep. The road became very narrow with few turnouts. My wife Amber lost her mind. She took her seatbelt off and opened the sliding door to the van and hung out the door over the cliff edge to snap pic after pic all the while both my boys were screaming at her to put her seatbelt back on.

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Amber generally has to close her eyes on roads like this scared to bits. Today though she had gone mad. My oldest wanted to puke and my youngest couldn’t believe his eyes. We got through the worst part and started down the other side.

We stopped at the visitor center for souvenirs. Rolled into our camp ground at St. Mary’s with enough time to set up and cook in the light but had to walk to the showers at night. We went to sleep early. The next day we were headed to Canada. Banff and Jasper national parks. We had to get through both in one day. After glacier I wasn’t so sure it was possible.

Please feel free to fallow my blog and Instagram @roadtovanlife. This adventure isn’t even half over and many more adventure to talk about. I might even tell you about the Yuba fiasco one day. Leave comments and come back for more. Thank you for your time. I hope you are enjoying our story.


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