Masons big adventure! Day 2

imageWe woke that next morning ready to play in the lake. We had brought snorkel gear and all were ready to swim. We open our eyes, windows and doors to find… RAIN! It was cold, cloudy and not what our dreams consisted of.image We opened the awning and broke out the propane fire ring that we had thrown into the mix while packing.img_3840 I started some music. a Pandora radio station I love called a beautiful morning. We started building breakfast. imageEven though the world around us was gloomy our spirits were high. It was still gorgeous all around and it was a Side of the lake we had never seen in any of the pictures we saw while researchingimage. My wife Amber has dreamed of snorkeling in this lake for years. So after we ate and cleaned up breakfast she dove in anyway. Everyone followed. To our surprise it wasn’t that cold. The air around was chilly but the water was warm. We swam for a while and laughed like children again while the kids acted like fish. If you haven’t been swimming in the rain recently, do. It was amazing and my soul is better for it. We all dried of and started lunch. Just relaxing the rest of the day while the kids threw rocks into the lake.

We had been so busy the last months with life that we were exhausted. We knew our trip ahead wasn’t going to let up either. So we designed today to rest and play. The rain was a blessing because it forced us to just be and see. The next morning was an early start so after dinner we cleaned up packed all that we could and got ready to move on. imageOur next stop was Glacier National Park. Over the sun road and a night in Saint Mary’s campground on the east side of the Park. We all decided a trip back to Flathead was a must but the time we had was not a bust. Stay tuned. A string of National Parks in two country’s start in the morning.image


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