Mason’s big adventure. Day 1

I had arrived home from Weed CA not even 24 hours earlier. We had spent the last day rearranging the van to accommodate my family of four. My wife, two boys, Kyan(15), Tristen(9) and I. I also took on food, mostly dry goods and the cold stuff that we didn’t want to get wet from ice. We filled the 27 gallon fresh water tank and had enough food for 10 people for 8 days. Aaron had spent the last week prepping his trailer/truck to accommodate six. Two adults, two Teens, Katie(15), Austin(17), two boys, Aden(10) and of course Mason(8). This is Mason’s adventure after all. We put a table, BBQ, propane, three food coolers, one of which had frozen goods, (My wife and Shanna had spent the last few days prepping meals and freezing them) all under the trailer in the bed of the truck.
I guess I should tell you about Aaron’s rig. The roads we traveled don’t allow for a long rig. They are to windy and steep. The places we camped were filled with bears, wolves, mountain lions and all other wildlife. The camp spots were to short for a trailer. So after a while of engineering Aaron’s brilliant mind decided to buy a cheap pop up tent trailer and modify the frame, cut the tung, remove the axle and on top of his Dodge Mega Cab 2500 it went. Worked slick. We had plenty of room for the food and cookware to be enclosed in the bed under the trailer. He had created a huge Bear box. Aaron bought a hitch basket so we put a large cooler full of drinks and two 5 gallon water jugs on it. Easy access and the food stayed locked up and full of ice. We had no idea what to expect on our trip. We scheduled a lot of miles in between stops and a lot of things to see on the way. We had no idea about our camp sites. Never been to any of these places before. We didn’t even know what kind of food or supplies would be available on our route. I am an avid traveler. By myself I prefer to wing it. Find the local fair. But with ten people
6 of them being children
depending on us we were taking no chances. We were ready to dry camp for 8 days plus. I swear you could see the sides of both rigs bulging. At 7:00 am the neighbor came over and took a pic of us all in front of our rigs and we were off.
Flathead lake was our first destination. 592 miles, it was the largest jump on our trip. The kids were excited and couldn’t sit still. I turned the front passenger seat around to face the table. I put Aden, Mason and my son Tristen at the table and gave them Uno and War to play while I drove. They also had iPads and iPhones. They were having a blast. We designed a stop for lunch in Blackfoot Idaho. Of course not just any stop. It had to be great so we picked the Idaho Potato Museum. It did not disappoint. For the price it was fantastic. The boys ran, the teens stretched and got to release some sarcastic remarks. Everyone saw the largest Pringles chip in the world and we got a photo with the largest potato. My wife and Shanna made sandwiches and we were off. This time my wife took the wheel while I rode with Aaron, Shanna, Austin, Katie and my son Kyan in the truck. It was a great chance to see my van and watch how it handled. We had to stop and get fuel. Both rigs were thirsty after pushing 80mph loaded as heavy as they were. After we all stretched, used the restroom and filled our cubby holes with snacks, I took the wheel and finished the ride with my wife and boys in the van with me. We pulled into Finley Point State Park at Flathead Lake Montana. It was the closest camp sites I had ever seen. The spots were a parking lot space. And some beach behind. They were tight. I backed in for great views from the beds. And Aaron pulled in straight to line our doors up. We hugged the lines and gave our selves enough room for my awning and we Broke out the the stove and began to cook dinner. The kids threw rocks into the lake and we watched the sun set. Great night, great drive, great food and great company. We started out right and we were finally on vacation. 


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