Mason’s big adventure!

Mason, 8 years old, Googled his last name and Dinosaurs. Makes sense to a young boy. What came up? The Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller Canada. Of course he asks, “Dad can we go to this Museum?” Aaron is the kind of father that likes to say yes more then no. He agreed that it was a trip that needed to happen. Aaron called us and asked if we wanted to drive to Canada. My wife and I looked at the map and decided it was to far to drive in one shot for all of us being that we live in Utah USA. After looking at a map for a few hours we came up with a few POI’s. First two nights at Flathead Lake in Montana USA. Second, a night at Saint Mary’s in the Glacier National Park USA. Third, a drive through Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada. Spend the night at Whistler Campground in Jasper. Fourth, a drive back through Jasper and Banff to the Museum. Our destination would finally be met. spend that night in a hotel in Lethbridge Canada. Fifth, off to Yellowstone National Park USA for our last two nights. Sixth, driving through Grand Teton National Park USA. arriving in Jackson WY USA for the last hoorah before heading home. Three kids, three teenagers and four adults. We looked at campgrounds and found that 30 foot max length was our best bet. I own a sprinter van. Easy for me. But Aaron owns a Dodge 2500 mega cab how was he going to sleep 6 in a thirty foot camp spot? He bought an eight foot tent trailer. Modified the frame and with the help of the crane on his service truck. He put it on the bed rails of the Dodge. Tied it down and off we went. Worked like a charm. He was over weight so he added helper springs. Disclaimer Don’t try this at home. To keep it short the trip was epic. The scenery was surreal and the company couldn’t be beat. I will try to give a day by day discription as each is a story on its own. Stay tuned. 


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