Weed at the base of Mt. Shasta. 

 My work sent me to an interesting little town in Northern California. At the base of Mt Shasta sits Weed. It is 54 miles south of the Oregon border on hwy 97 or 50 miles on I-5. All over the town are little gift shops displaying signs that read “got weed?” And “I love weed.” Every store has souvenirs and t-shirts displaying the catchy phrases. Turns out it’s a Boondocking haven. Free camping all over. Vandwellers dwelling everywhere. Hippies and Punks literally crawling out of the wood works. Funny thing I never did see any weed. Granted I didn’t look to hard and I’m sure it’s readily available if you need to fix your headache or Glaucoma. What I did find on the other hand was incredible. The Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture. This is a non-profit Organization that is preserving our nations rail history in a way I’ve never witnessed. Sure they have cabooses, signals, passenger cars and box cars. Yes they are old! Some dating back to 1888. They are preserving them and transforming them into library’s, chill spaces, stages and even homes. They have a great shop, garden, a green house, a massive out door kitchen and a private pond from a nearby natural spring. They do great things to keep them selves afloat not making any money for profit. Using donations from places like Indiegogo.com They continually try to put all funds into the center. So they recycle and reuse there waste. Even the human waste or poop. They have a comlplicated system of composting that I have seen in other communities during my travels. But the Materials of the past aren’t the only thing they are trying to preserve. The culture that the Rail industry created through history is also important to these folks. The Hobo style of living. Jumping on a train just to see where it will take you. The ins and outs of living not to work but to experience. Their library is full of books on this topic. And if you’ve ever wondered where the hobos went. Go to the little town of Weed and experience some real American culture. 


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