11th wedding anniversary 

I had to leave for work on my wedding anniversary. My wife made a few arrangements so she was able to come with me. I can’t say how excited I was. It’s a long term goal of ours to full time in the van when my two boys grow up and move out. For now she lives in what I call my Vacation Home, Or thier full time residence. We drove to Nampa ID. Slept at the maintenance of way depot the first night. While I was at work she explored Nampa. After, we took off for the Snake River. We stayed at Map Rock. It’s a free spot for up to 4days on the banks. It has pot toilets and one tree we were lucky enough to park under. It seems there are a few people that stick around longer. Be aware of the full timers. Next my wife, not being as seasoned, decided she wanted to try an RV park. We found a place called Ambassador RV. Pool was very clean. Hot tub was very hot and the separate shower rooms were a blessing. Awesome place! I do recommend it if you are an RV park person. We found out that our trip was going to grow. My work decided they needed us in a little town called Chemult OR. Again we were off and running. We stayed in Chemult OR that night and moved to Kalamath Falls the next day parked the equipment and that’s when our trip turned EPIC! We hit three National Parks in Three days. The first Crater Lake National Park in OR. The second I didn’t even know existed. Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. The third Yosemite National Park  in Northern California. We slept when we couldn’t drive any more and hiked every morning at sunrise. I do recommend the Annual National Park pass. We saved money on this trip alone. It costs $80 and Yosemite alone was $30 Lassen $20 and Crater Lake $20. Plus it gives you discounts on merchandise at the shops and half off on campgrounds. I’ve also used it two other times for Yosemite, once at Bryce and a bunch of monuments.   

Up next we take our family to Flathead Lake  for Two nights then over Glacier NP. Spend the night. Get up and go into Canada. Drive through Banff. Sleep in Jasper NP. Drive back through Banff To the Royal Tyrell dinosaur museum  on our way to Yellowstone NP. Spend two nights before we drive through Jackson Hole WY to get home.

Check out http://www.78viewfinder/Facebook.com for pics and my Instagram Roadtovanlife 


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