How a successful man comes to live in a van.

Hello my name is Kris. I live a life style that many think is crazy, scary, outrageous, interesting, wild but mostly people are a little jealous. Growing up I always wanted to travel. As I turned 18 I was itching to run so bad I literally left the comforts of my parents home for the overpasses, parks and couches of strangers. I got caught up in drugs and about lost my life, a few times. I didn’t have anything else to lose. I watched a lot of people struggle and a few lost there lives. For this time I am extremely grateful as I learned many of the skills required to live the way I do now comfortably. I worked construction for many years. I Also worked in sales and food service. Many times I’ve worked just to survive. About 15 years ago I met the most amazing women. My wife! We started a family. Two boys later and our lives are full. I was blessed with a great job with the Union Pacific RailRoad. My wife was 8 mo. Pregnant with my youngest son. I lived in West Jordan Utah. It’s in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. We had no money and my wife was on bed rest. I got a call asking “if you still want the job with UPRR you need to be in Kalamath Falls OR in one week”. So I grabbed the house payment and left my wife alone with 1 son and a baby on the way in hopes for a better life for my family. It worked! But not without struggle. I learned real quick that living in the hotel room and eating in restaurants wasn’t going to work for me. So I moved into my Jeep Cherokee. Soon it wasn’t reliable enough so I moved into the Pontiac Grand Am. I also ran the wheels off of a late 80s Honda Accord. I settled for motels again. After a few years of getting rooms all over the Western United States and being disappointed. Living in the car and getting uncomfortable. Back and forth struggling to find a way I liked To live. I bought a 1995 dodge conversion Van. Couch/bed in the back four captain chairs and the build began.

Please let me know if you like my style. If not read elsewhere. And all the advice and info this world has to offer is welcome. Stay tuned, I will try to keep my story alive in this blog.


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